Sunday, 18 October 2009

The comeback...

I must apologise for my absence. I will pretend that it really matters and say I am sorry. I'll also pretend there has been no break, offer no excuses and just continuefrom where i left off.

October in Corfu, the green island. Green because it is so wet. As usual today has alternated between crashing thunderstorms to wake us up, bright sunshine to get our hopes up, and rain. Big dark grey clouds with bright white tops constantly expanding. Rainbows! I sat outside a friend's house in silence listening to the rain as it swept along the tall, green trees and reached the house. Breaking the silence with it's own silent sound. shshhsshshshshshshshsh...

Musically this month is like the weather. The household is currently going through a Tim Buckley phase.

Here is the song that brought it all back.

Of course I also have an own personal favorite by Tim and it is "Sweet Surrender" The lyrics are about being ufaithful i think, and his vocals are truly amazing. The music is fantastic also... I would have loved to embed a video of it but could i find one? No, apparently one of the companies pulled it from the net... which is a shame i think. I did find a video of a guy doing a cover of it on the ukulele, but I am not sure about it. Maybe i will embed it next time when I do a piece on covers.

So for now here is my second favorite!

While we searched for "Song to the siren"we were reminded of the Cocteau Twins who covered the song, so here they are in another of their songs.

Finally October shall be remembered for one more musical event. ZZ Top are playing live in athens, and i've got tickets...

So here they are in all their bearded splendor!!!