Sunday, 17 May 2009

Real live bleedin' fingers and broken guitar strings...

Is there not something quite intense about listening to favorite songs, in a car, on your own, slightly inebriated and LOUD? Yes, YES!

And coming back from a gig no less...

I smell of drink and cigarettes, (even though I quit smoking), have a veritable buzz going on and it is all thanks to my friends, Matt, Dave and Heineken... I have just been issued an ultimatum, shower or sleep on couch, yet my spirits remain high!

It must be somethin to do with the spirits in my bloodstream...

So I shall lay down a few thoughts while in this exalted state.

Fuck copyright, fuck Eurovision, fuck all who wish to clamp down on FREE music!

I have just spent a very pleasant 2 hours listening to my friends, the Strangeloves. It is such a pleasure to listen and see people who REALLY enjoy what they are doing, who are honest, musicians to the bone, hard working and gigging in the face of adversity (like starting playing to an almost empty house...)

I won't whinge too much, it's time for bed. Just let it be known I had a thoroughly enjoyable night out listening to what I still consider the best live duet in Corfu.

I dedicated to them this song.